Wiggles is a 14-year-old pit bull mix that has spent the last 11 years at an animal shelter in Godfrey, Illinois.

She was brought to the 5As (Alton Area Animal Aid Association) shelter in 2010 at just 3-years-old. However, Wiggles wasn't very friendly when she first came in. She wasn't good with humans or other dogs and constantly overlooked fro adoption. She eventually warmed up to people, but another obstacle emerged that stopped her from going to a forever home.

In 2016, Wiggles was diagnosed with a benign tumor. They didn't operate on the tumor due to it being benign and the risk of surgery at Wiggles' age was too great. But her tumor made families hesitant to adopt Wiggles. Because along with the tumor, she had food allergies that created some added expenses.

The shelter was able to provide Wiggles with everything she needed from medications and special food to veterinary visits for over 10 years. That was until recently when Wiggles forever family finally came along. She went home with a couple from Missouri who had lost two dogs to cancer before adopting Wiggles.

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