Ryan Patton has spent years working as a school resource officer helping students. He took another step to help two of his students even more.

Patton officially adopted two of his teenage students this year. Brad was adopted by Patton in February, while Nick officially became part of the family in August.

It was on the job at Clermont County Sheriff's Office when he first met Brad. He's now a recent high school graduate, but Brad was 13-years-old when Patton first met him in 2016 and he had been missing from school for two months. Child protective services found him at juvenile court. Shortly after, Patton got a foster parent license to take Brad under his wing as his guardian.

With things working out for Patton and Brad, the family decided in January 2018 to add 15-year-old Nick to their family. Nick's foster placement was not working out, and Patton was a bit weary about taking in someone he had never met. As it turns out, they had met before. Patton would go with probation officers to pick up Nick for not attending school.

Since living with Patton, both of the boys are doing well. Brad graduated from West Clermont High School and recently enlisted him in the U.S. Army Infantry. Nick is currently a sophomore at Clermont Northeastern and enjoying his new driver's permit and wrestling

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