They shared that a deputy learned that the hitchhiker Marvin was attempting to walk over 200 miles from Portland to Pendleton to make it to his 8 a.m. court date the following morning. That's when multiple law enforcement agencies in the area partnered up to help Marvin get safely to and from his court appearance.

An Oregon State Trooper gave Marvin a courtesy ride from milepost 118 to Arlington. Then the deputy that first learned about Marvin drove him to a Morrow County truck stop to shorten the trek.

The sheriff's office learned the next day that Marvin successfully made the court appearance, but he was stuck after his ride didn't show up. So they showed up again to take him safely back home. Office Sgt. Braun of the Morrow County Sheriff's Office, Deputy Redden of the Gilliam County Sheriff's Office, Deputy Yoon of the Sherman County Sheriff's Office, and Trooper Mitro of the Oregon State Police Trooper relayed to drive the man back to his final destination of Troutdale.

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