While Oregon Army National Guard Sgt. Erin Guthrie was deployed in Kosovo, she met a dog.

She was on a peacekeeping mission for eight months, and during her time there a stray dog approached her. The dog brought her peace while being away from home. She told CBS"I was honored that he would come up to me, and I just felt an instant connection with him.”

When it came time for Guthrie to leave, she kept thinking about the dog, which she named Meeka. She had started looking for a dog upon her return home, but couldn't stop thinking about Meeka. Meeka was the dog she wanted. Guthrie then came across Long Island-based Paws of War who helped bring the pup over to the United States. The organization raised more than $6,000 to get Meeka safely to the United States and reunited with Guthrie.

When Guthrie was reunited with Meeka, the pup remembered her right away. Guthrie shared, "I was nervous that he wouldn’t recognize me, but the fact that he pulls into me just the same way and that he recognizes me, he knows me, and that’s an amazing feeling."