7th grade literacy teacher Nate Evans in Iowa just launched a project to help students in his community be better equipped for remote learning.

The pandemic caused everything to shut down, and that included schools. So students had to start learning virtually and remotely at their homes. During remote learning, Evans noticed that some of his kids were logging into virtual classes while sitting at kitchen tables or on their beds. So he and over 50 volunteers came together to create 'Woodworking with a Purpose.'

Together they have built roughly 600 desks for kids who didn't have any at their homes. When it first started, Evans was paying for the supplies to build the desks. But after posting his idea to Facebook, community donations started flooding in.

The 'Woodworking with a Purpose' team have a goal to make 2,020 desks (representing the year 2020) by the end of this school year. They're also trying to raise an additional $30,000 for the desk materials.

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