Dave Dein is a high school teacher at Stanislaus County high school in California. He's the school's truck driving school coordinator. But this summer he took on a new job, to still help his students.

Dein leads one of the first high school truck driving programs in the country where he teaches his students about the basics of driving large commercial trucks. The program is very hands on and offers a simulator to teach students how to handle real-life problems on the road. But Dein wanted to help his students even further.

This summer, Dein went back to truck driving while students were off for a few months to help during a severe driver shortage. The money he makes isn't going to him though, he's putting all of his earnings towards a scholarship fund for his students called Next Generation In Trucking Foundation. His inspirational teaching and acts of kindness are connecting, Morning Star Trucking is matching his summer earnings for the foundation. Now he has a goal to get $10,000 in the scholarship fund for his kids.

Dein told Sacramento CBS, “Well the thing is, I don’t consider this work. I’m not giving up anything. I love this, for one thing, and to do it for such a good cause? That’s even better.”

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