Donaldson heard about 14-year-old student Alecia's foster care experience and that's when he and his family stepped up without hesitation to take her in. They had fostered Alecia for 524 days and always left the decision up to her if she would like to be legally adopted.

A few months before Donaldson's birthday, Alecia asked his wife Tiffany to make things official. So on his birthday, Tiffany, Alecia and their three other children blindfolded him and lined up with a series of signs to share the good news.

Some of the signs read, "This man here started out as just my coach, but he stepped up when he didn’t have to... He is now not only my coach. My encourager, my protector, my provider, but now the man I call daddy.” Then when Donaldson took off the blindfold, he read all of the signs including one that said "Let's make it official. Will you adopt me?"

Photo: Getty Images

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