After the devastating winter storms that struck several states a few weeks back, the owners of a local bakery in Austin, Texas wanted to help their community.

The storms left millions in Texas without power, water, and access to food for days. Jessica and her wife Janessa run Crema Bakery and were victims of the storm, losing their own inventory after the power went out for three days. As food supplies and water resources slowly became available, the couple spent at least $5,000 out of their own pockets to purchase groceries like fresh produce, eggs, meat, and hot soup. They were able to help feed hundreds of people through the week with their efforts.

Jessica told CNN"Being in the position that we are, we feel a responsibility to our community. Our job is to feed people, so we were less worried about getting things going for ourselves and more about getting the shop back open, and being able to mobilize our community and feed the people who need it the most."

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