Bishop Eusebio Phelps is a pastor at New Faith Christian Church and recently ordered something from his local Waffle House.

He spoke to Waffle House waitress Hannah Hill over the phone for the order. He told 11 Alive that she was really nice over the phone, then when he got their to pick up his food he told her to keep the change. He then realized she was pregnant, and felt urged to give her the rest of the money he had in his wallet, which was around $40.

The two continued to speak where Hill divulged that she was eight and half months along and the baby boy's name is going to be Samuel. When speaking to 11 Alive Phelps shared, "We lost our son Samuel seven years ago in Atlanta. It's coming up on the anniversary. I went home, I told my wife what happened... my wife and I were talking, I was like, 'listen I wanna raise a thousand dollars to give to Hannah so she can buy whatever she needs for the baby.'"

Phelps made a Facebook post to share the story about meeting Hill and ask for donations. He woke up to the fundraiser surpassing his $1,000 goal. He made a plan to surprise her with the money at the Waffle House that evening, though she wasn't there. Phelps had already planned on a Facebook Live to share the moment with all the donators so he jumped on there.

While Hill was headed back to the Waffle House on her night off, Phelps raised over $12,000 on Facebook for Hill. When she arrived, they threw a surprise baby shower at the Waffle House and Phelps said "It was just epic."

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