81-year-old Navy veteran Wayne Foit wanted to show his 78-year-old war buddy the sights in Port Orange, Florida with a canoe trip.

The two were heading back from their fun trip, when the tide went out and left them stranded in the elements. At one point while being stranded, the canoe overturned and the two were thrown into the water, sinking into the muddy silt. Foit, who lost his leg in an accident seven years ago, used his prosthetic to bail them out of the water and get them back into the water-logged canoe.

They had left for their trip Saturday afternoon, but weren't reported missing until the next morning. The two men had to spend 28 hours in the elements before being rescued. The rescue was complicated due to stormy weather, Port Orange Police Chief Tom Grimaldi and his team had to wade through thigh-deep mud to find the men, who were blocked by debris.

The rescuers had to use an unexpected tool to help them. Grimaldi told news outlets, "We were able to use like a bedsheet basically to wrap them in, and we carried them out that way."

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