Doug Barlow placed an order from his local Pizza Hut in Tennessee and decided to do something special.

He spent less than $30 on a medium pizza and an order of wings, but added more than three times the cost of the food as a tip for the driver. Shortly after placing his order, Barlow wrote a thank you note and left $100 in an envelope outside. William Felks, the delivery driver, pulled up to the house and made the contactless food drop-off at Barlow's doorstep. After Felks completed the order, he picked up the envelope and started to walk away.

That's when the camera footage shows Felks walking to his car and opening up the envelop. Then he stops, turns around and starts staring at the house as he processes what he finds in the envelope. Barlow was happy he got to witness Felks' reaction telling TODAY Food"It was very heartwarming to see his reaction, he really did appreciate it. He saw my little note I left him letting him know that the tip was not a mistake, and for him to enjoy it."