Waffle House employee and soon to be high school graduate Timothy Harrison showed up for his shift, but his manager and coworkers were surprised to see him.

Turns out Harrison's high school graduation was happening at Woodlawn High School later that day. But Harrison told his manager and coworkers that he didn't think he could afford to go to graduation. He didn't have a cap and gown, any graduation tickets, or even a ride to the ceremony.

That's when all of the Waffle House employees, including an assistant manager who was off that day, decided to pull everything together to get Harrison to his graduation. They bought him new clothes for the ceremony and then took him over to Woodlawn High School to make sure he got his cap and gown.

After Harrison's story was shared on Facebook, Lawson State Community College offered him a full scholarship, including books. Harrison told WVTM 13"I had people want to see me succeed, so it kind of made me excited. When I put on the clothes, that was a different feeling. I don't even know the words. A million dollars? It was the best feeling."


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