A waitress by the name of Cassie in western New York was given a wonderful surprise by one of her customers.

In a video posted online, a local photographer decided to brighten waitress Cassie's day and gift her a $1,000 tip. Photographer Caitlin Reilley took to Instagram and asked her followers to donate some money so should surprise waitress Cassie. In a matter of three days, Reilley was able to raise $2,000. Reilley decided to give half of the money to the waitress and the other half to a local frontline worker.

Cassie shared in the video that she plans to split the tip with the other servers at the restaurant she works at. She teared up and added that the money "pays my rent for like three months, so thank you."

Reilley never met Cassie before gifting her the tip with the help of her Instagram followers, proving that you don't need to know someone to help them out during this difficult year.

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