People go through drive-thrus every day, and most of the time won't remember the person on the other end of the speaker.

However, that's not the case at a Wendy's in Hamilton Township, New Jersey. For 22 years, Willie Mckoy has been rocking the headset at the Wendy's. And every time customers show up, he gives them a little something extra... his voice!

Mckoy started working at Wendy's in 1998, and in 2000 they put him on the speaker. Since then, he's never left. His wife Connor Wolfe said, "He just brings a smile to everyone that comes to Wendy's, and he brings a smile to his coworkers. It’s a good attitude to be around. It's positive.”

He is so loved by the community that there is a fan page on Facebook devoted to him. They upload videos of their visits to his window and share the love for his actions.

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