69-year-old Dorothy Farris was on a weekly Zoom call with her group of longtime friends when they saved her life.

Normally their Zoom calls end at 6 o'clock on the dot, but the girlfriends told KTLA 5 they'd "like to think it was divine intervention" that they extended this particular call to 6:16 that night when Farris' first symptoms appeared. Farris four girlfriends noticed that Farris started slurring her words and slumping over when they asked her a question. That's when the girlfriends jumped into action.

One of the girlfriends Miki Jordan Emenhiser said, "Intuitively, everybody just knew what role to take, to call 911, to call her husband, to stay on the Zoom with her." The paramedics arrived and rushed Ferris to Torrance Memorial Medical Center where she underwent an operation to remove a clot. Because of her friends, their actions, and quick response of first responders, she's able to walk and move her limbs after the surgery.

Ferris said, "It took four splendid friends that saved my life and I don't know how you thank people who do that."

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