There are always people waiting for organ donations, and those who are organ donors are truly life savers for the ones they are able to match with.

In 2004, Terri Herrington lost her husband Bryan in a tragic accident. He was an organ donor and five of his organs were used in life-saving operations. To honor her husband, Terri became a living donor. In truly a miracle situation, Terri was able to help the save the same man's life, Jeff Granger, her husband Bryan saved over 16 years ago.

Granger is doing well now after receiving one of Terri's kidneys a year ago. Thanks to her his quality of life has improved. Terri told Local News 12“It’s just amazing; seeing him live his life, and he was stuck on dialysis before and the fact that I did it with my husband. It’s unreal, unbelievable,

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