Barb Heim has been teaching for over 35 years at Conneaut Valley Elementary School in Pennsylvania. Recently, she's been going above and beyond her already great work at the school by helping a student that has to work from home.

Most school kids are headed back to in-person classes, but second-grader Harrison Conner has to do his school work from home because he's going through treatment for leukemia. So Heim ends her day by driving 20-minutes after school to deliver the day's lesson to Conner at his home. The two of them wear masks, and Heim also wears a face shield as she gives him the day's lesson through a Plexiglass screen.

Heim told TODAY"It was a joy, because I knew he wanted to learn. He couldn't wait. He was so excited. And he'd have his off days if medicine was causing him to not feel up to it. It wasn't the best day for him, but we made it through. And he always did his best."

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