Will you be getting a raise in 2024? 

We sure hope so, but we did some digging through Payscale's 2023 - 2024 Salary Budget Survey to find out if you're working in an industry in Idaho that could see an increase in compensation. The survey for 2023-2024 offers unmatched insights into expected salary budget proposals gathered from 1,757 organizations from April to June 2023.

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This survey is particularly fascinating because it provides a real-time snapshot of the job market. It's like a crystal ball for compensation, revealing insights beyond typical salary surveys. For example, last year, it surprised everyone by showing that the salary increases in 2023 were higher than anticipated, reaching 4 percent instead of the expected 3.8 percent.

What can we expect in Idaho?

But that's not all. The survey also delves into the nuances of different industries and geographical regions, uncovering where salary increases might exceed the average. This is a treasure trove for organizations seeking a competitive edge in attracting and retaining talent.

What does it mean for employees? 

This survey gives them a glimpse into the salary landscape, helping them understand what to expect regarding pay raises and compensation packages. It enables them to negotiate better deals, especially when they know that, in the past, salary increases exceeded expectations. Employees can also use this data to gauge how their compensation stacks up against industry standards and regional averages, empowering them to make informed career decisions.

Below you're going to find actual 2023 increases for non-exempt employees, exempt (non-management) employees, managers, and officers & executives in Idaho, along with planned projections for 2024. We've also included the breakdowns for industries.

Top 15 Industries Expecting A Raise For 2024: Do You Work For One?

Payscale’s Salary Budget Survey offers a detailed breakdown of the actual pay increases paid out in 2023 as well as projected pay increases for 2024 broken out by the following employee groups:
• Non-Exempt Employees
• Exempt Employees (Non-Management)
• Managers
• Officers & Executives

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