No! This can't be true?! How can a "kid be a kid" without Toy's "R" Us?! Like it or not it's happening and the Meridian store isn't the only Toy's "R" Us closing their doors forever.

In fact Toy's "R" Us locations are closing across the United States according to CNN. There are only two stores in Idaho, the one in Meridian and another in Idaho Falls. That means almost 800 Toy's "R" Us stores closing up shop.

Employees were notified of the closure earlier today.

I think it's safe to say that the positive in this or any store closure for that matter is that we can expect deep discounts until they get rid of their inventory.

Another reason I don't have a problem seeing Toy's "R" Us go away (although I am a little sad because it's just iconic) is that American Girl Dolls will no longer be sold there. As a big fan of American Girl I felt like it cheapened the brand to have these high priced collector dolls placed next to barbie, but I guess I won't have a problem with that anymore.

No word yet when exactly the Meridian Toy's "R" Us will close.