We've all been affected by cancer in some way, shape, or form. God forbid, you ever have to deal with it personally, but if you did, wouldn't it feel amazing to know you have not just the support of your family and friends, but of your WHOLE community? One Treasure Valley couple experienced the amazing kindness of their neighbors while going through a tough time, and the video of this amazing act has gone viral!

Amanda Kofoed is 30 years young, and in 2016 was diagnosed with Hodgkin's Lymphoma. According to the GoFund Me page that was originally set up two years ago, she, unfortunately, had to quit her job and drop out of school (being so close to finishing her teaching degree) to undergo chemotherapy. Amanda and her husband, Clint, were filming a video they thought would go on their GoFund Me page. But, what they didn't know, is that they were about to receive an incredible gift from friends and strangers alike.

*The latest update on Amanda's story was a year and a half ago, so, unfortunately, we don't know Amanda's current condition. But if you happen to know the Kofoed family, please let them know the WOW 104.3 family is praying for them!

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