There are certain sports that are naturally more dangerous than others. Racing is one of those sports that can quickly go from fun to tragic in a matter of seconds. For one Treasure Valley family, that thin line was too close. Justin Segura was at a race in Utah over the weekend, when his winged sprint car caught fire. Unfortunately, Justin's suit also had "invisible" methane flames. According to KTVB, Justin was able to get out of the car, but it's what happened right after that that had his family, and spectators upset.

A video captured Justin getting out of his car trying to remove his suit in a panic. His father realized what was happening, and rushed to help before the fire crews. The video also shows members of the fire crew walking to Justin's aid. Justin's father spoke to KTVB about the incident, saying they expect the fire crews to react quickly and efficiently; they don't think that was the case during this race. Luckily, Justin will be okay despite receiving second-degree burns on his arms, legs, and neck.

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