Bye bye, luscious green grass (at all my neighbors' house cause my lawn is terrible), I'll miss you... Today marks the end of the watering season the Nampa-Meridian & Boise-Kuna water districts.

Yeah, that's going to be a wrap on the irrigation season for 2021. Both the Nampa-Meridian and Boise-Kuna water districts have planned to end the season as of September 15th. Time to unplug the timer in your garage, give it a good mow and hope we get a couple good rain showers to keep some green through the next few weeks. After a particularly dry Spring and Summer, a lot of water has been used to keep the valley nice and green and unfortunately, that's come to an end. As the Nampa-Meridian water district's press release indicates, "DUE TO THE DROUGHT CONDITIONS AND LOW WATER SUPPLY WE HAVE EXPERIENCED THIS YEAR, NAMPA & MERIDIAN IRRIGATION DISTRICT WLL END THE IRRIGATION WATER DELIVERY SEASON on 15 SEPTEMBER 2021. It will take approximately two days for the system to drain."

It'll take a couple of days to drain so if you want to try and be one of the last to give your lawn a sip of that sweet sweet hydration, I guess you can, but really, it's time to shut it off. Hopefully we'll have a wet enough winter that'll allow us to get going and last a little longer through next summer but I guess we'll have to wait and see what happens there. In the mean time, hope you had a green summer!

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