What is going on in our great state of Idaho?! During this past week, we've had a man throwing out terrorist threats and now a truck carrying missiles shuts down I-90.

A 2016 Volvo semi carrying 16 missiles weighing 2000 pounds each crashed on 1-90 near milepost 8 near the Huetter rest area last night.

47-year-old Mark Dearinger of Chickasha, Oklahoma was behind the wheel when for reasons unknown he drove into the hazmat area instead of the interstate on-ramp.  He drove into a snow bank and has been cited for inattentive driving

According to KTVB, Travis Edwards with Fairchild Air Force Public Affairs said civil engineers from the base were headed to the scene. So, it's fair to conclude that the truck was with the military and that's why he was carrying missiles.

Luckily, no injuries have been reported and as crazy as it sounds to have a truck carrying missiles on I-90, it doesn't seem that there was any ill intention.

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