Obviously, we're still in that 100 Most Dangerous Days On The Road period here in Idaho.  Three more people dead.  Three more families who've had their lives completely flipped upside down because of two senseless, tragic accidents.

The first took place about 9:30 last night in Rathdrum, Idaho.  A 31-year-old man couldn't control his motorcycle when he was riding west on Highway 53.  He was trying to adjust making a sharp turn and ended up on the east side lanes and eventually hit a tree.  The man was wearing a helmet but it wasn't enough to save his life.  The Idaho State Police reported that the man was Jeremy Mcvicker, of Kalispell, Montana.  Kalispell's family members have been notified.

The second accident took place in St. Anthony, Idaho.  According to IdahoNews.com, two juveniles rear-ended a semi-truck that was stopped at a railroad crossing.  Both vehicles were headed west on Highway 20 at about 11:30 last night.  The juveniles must not have seen the fuel tanker and were immediately killed when making the impact.  Their family members have also been notified.

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