It's happened twice in the past eight days. Students threatening to harm other students at Sage Valley Middle School in Nampa. 

This morning, school officials posted that a student was overheard threatening to come to school with the intent to hurt other students.

Caldwell Police have been alerted to the situation but administrators said they

believe everyone will be safe at school today.

According to, Sage Valley Middle school also received a threat on September 27th. Again, it was a student threatening violence. Police took action with that threat and searched the students home.

It's always so shocking to me when kids that are 12, 13, 14 years old threaten violence or act out violently. I wonder what is going on in their lives that they would want to do something like that.

As a parent, it is terrifying to send your children out those doors every morning not knowing what is going on in the minds of the other kids they go to school with.

Hold your kids a little closer today and hopefully they'll get to the bottom of whatever is going on at Sage Valley Middle school so that everyone can feel a little safer.

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