As we near the end of August and with Famers Almanac's prediction for an unusually snowy and wet winter in the Pacific Northwest, knowing when the first fall frost is going to be important for a lot of people. According to the Farmers Almanac, there are three different types of frost.


The first is a light frost which is from 29 degrees F to 32 degrees F. A light freeze will kill tender plants with little destructive effect on other vegetation.

The second is a moderate freeze from 25 degrees F to 28 degrees. A moderate freeze will be widely destructive on most vegetation, with heavy damage to fruit blossoms and tender and semi-hardy plants.

The third is a severe freeze from 24 degrees F and colder. A severe freeze, as can be expected, will cause damage to most plants.

When can you expect the first frost this fall in the Pacific Northwest? Here's the Farmers Almanacs prediction.



Washingtons First Fall Frost: 

  • Olympia: October 16th
  • Seattle: November 10th
  • Spokane: October 6th
  • Vancouver: November 1st



Oregon First Fall Frost:

  • Baker: September 9th
  • Eugene: October 15th
  • Klamath Falls: September 13th
  • Portland: November 11th




Idaho's First Fall Frost:

  • Boise: October 14th
  • Idaho Falls: September 12th
  • Moscow: September 27th
  • Salmon: September 18th

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