When we originally heard the headline, we all cringed. How and why would a school bus driver trip a disabled child getting off the bus?! Now we find out that the bus driver will not be facing any charges at all. 

The trouble started when a mother, Jenna Murphy, claims she was sitting in her driveway waiting for her child to get off the school bus last month. According to Jenna, she saw the bus driver trip her son, causing him to fall off the bus and onto the ground according to idahonews.com.

Jenna also claims the bus driver shook her head and closed her doors, driving away before Jenna could confront her.

Now we learn that the Canyon County Prosecutors Office has closed the case and no criminal charges have been filed.

This has not been confirmed, but when we originally reported this story many of you told us that they have cameras on every bus. I can only assume that if this is true, what was shown on that camera led to the case being closed. Otherwise, the story is simply she said vs. she said.

The incident is still under an internal investigation, but as for now, the bus driver will not be charged.