If this is true, it makes me so angry. A Caldwell school bus driver is being accused of tripping a 7-year-old little boy with disabilities as he got off the bus, causing him to fall out of the bus and onto the ground. 

Jenna Murphy says her second grader at Central Canyon Elementary had just built up enough confidence to ride the bus to and from school when the incident happened.

Jenna told idahonews.com that as she waited for her son to get off the bus after school, she saw him look back to make sure he didn't forget anything and then as he went to get off the bus the bus driver tripped him, causing him to fall.

She says the bus driver then shook her head and closed the doors of the bus before a confrontation ensued.

The child's mother says this is not the first time she's had a problem with this particular bus driver.

Keep in mind that the bus driver has not been formally charged and an investigation is currently being conducted. I don't know if there was a camera on the bus or not, but hopefully, they get to the bottom of it. Will keep you updated as this story develops.

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