We all know what it's like hearing hit songs for the first time, you are overcome with emotions of all kinds. Whether the song makes you happy, or sad, you remember the emotion that the song made you feel when you first heard it.

A set of Twins on YouTube dubbed "Twins Reacts," are going viral for their videos because they're listening to hit songs for the first time ever and recording their reactions. Their channel has videos of them reacting to songs from Stevie WonderSalt N PepaBlake SheltonHinder, amongst others.

They just posted a new video on YouTube of them listening to Dolly Parton's "Jolene" for the first time and it's amazing. The twins first hear the song and immediately start singing "Jolene" with Parton. Then they comment on how the guitar sounds amazing. They ended their review saying the song was a banger and by the first note they heard, they knew it was already a hit.