I lived in Alaska for 4 years and was lucky enough to explore quite a few glaciers up there. I could only handle 4 winters up there, they were LONG and DARK and COLD. Don't get me wrong Idaho certainly gets a real bonified winter. Snow, Ice, cold the whole nine yards, but not like Alaska. When you think of Glaciers, Alaska definitely comes to mind. I had no  idea that Idaho even had a glacier. The gem state does have a glacier, just one. Relative to most glaciers it is fairly small chilling at about 30 acres.

If you want to see the massive icy mass you need to head on over to Mount Borah. It makes sense that this would be the place for a glacier since it is Idaho's tallest mountain at 12,667 feet. The Idaho glacier was recently officially named Borah Glacier. They got really creative with that one. Borah Glacier sits on the north slope of the mountain in The Salmon-Challis National Forest and was found in 1974.

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It was a pretty big deal to get the name official. According to Chanel 2,  It's taken several years, a study, research and report on the glacier to finally make it happen, after all of that The U.S. Board of Geographic Names had to meet to approve the name to make it officially official.

"Our survey confirmed the continued presence of the perennial ice mass originally identified in 1974 and concluded that the ice mass is indeed a glacier that continues to move under its own weight, based on measurements described herein in conjunction with results from the initial investigations in the 1970’s," an excerpt from the report states.


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