The worst part about going to college? It's expensive.

The worser (?) part about going to college? It's now more expensive.

It's not just Boise State either. Plenty of Idaho colleges are jumping on the tuition-hike train. Idaho's Board of Education say they "reluctantly" hiked tuition at numerous colleges. It's not pretty:

  • Boise State - 5% increase
  • University of Idaho - 5% increase
  • Idaho State University - 3.5% increase

Why? Board member Andy Scoggin explains:

We as a Board have a duty to keep costs as low as possible for our students. It is our responsibility to strike a balance between that duty and the need to provide the resources that our institutions need to accomplish their missions. We have heard from both student body leaders and university administration representatives today and we need to trust the people we have charged with efficiently managing their limited funds while moving toward our stated goal of increasing the number of degree holding citizens in our state.

So, what does that mean in plain English? The colleges need more money to cover business expenses and paying higher wages to employees. Yay?

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