Eddie's walk from West Virginia to Tennessee has officially started! He started on Father's Day - June 20th, hitting his goal of walking over 16 miles for the first day.

During his walk so far, he's spotted a bear, turtles, and dogs. He's had positive spirits throughout his first day, though the show anticipates that may disappear over the next few days as he has to keep getting back up on his feet for many more miles. For his second day, he's trying to walk at least 23 miles to hit his next goal. He and Scuba Steve, who is following behind him in a car, planned things out so that they can sleep in a hotel each night and potentially finish the walk during Thursday's Bobby Bones Show.

He's live streaming his walk through our YouTube page, which you can keep up with his YouTube walk diaries right here on this place. We will continuously update this page with the latest live streams. Keep in mind, he can't stream constant as his service is very spotty in some locations.

Listeners can hear why this whole walk came together and the origin story here. If anyone wants to donate to The National Angels organization Eddie is making this big walk for, donations accepted here.

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