The Bobby Bones Show members were challenged by Bobby Bones to participate in a food situation.

During yesterday's show (September 9), Bones asked everyone to name the food that they hate. Bones shared his first, noting that peanut butter is the one food he refuses to eat. Amy's food is olives, she despises any kind of olive. Eddie dislikes the same as Amy, he doesn't like any kind of olive. Lunchbox isn't a fan of broccoli, he hasn't tried it after a bad experience with it as a child. Morgan first shared meat, because she's vegetarian she doesn't eat any of it, but then later concluded that her least favorite food is celery. Raymundo shared his hated food is definitely tomatoes.

So on today's show (September 10), all of the hated foods were brought in and the show members had to try the food that they hate. Watch above as everyone fusses, and some almost throw up, while they try the foods they've always disliked.

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