Bobby Bones was traveling for his TV show when Caitlin brought up the old jam "International Harvester" from Craig Morgan. They couldn't get the song out of their hands and it made Bones think about some other "oldie but goodie" songs.

So he asked The Bobby Bones Show crew to share the songs that are old, but still jams. Everyone came up with a song, and most of them were country hits, while some others were pop jams at the club. The list includes songs from Garth Brooks, Lonestar, Craig Morgan, Ylvis, Pitbull, Gary Allen and Josh Gracin. Here's our oldies but goodies jam list.

Bobby's Song:

Craig Morgan "International Harvester"

Bobby's Second Song:

Josh Gracin "Nothing To Lose"

Amy's Song:

Lonestar "Mr. Mom"

Eddie's Song:

Garth Brooks "She's Every Woman"

Lunchbox's Song:

Ylvis "What Does The Fox Say?"

Morgan's Song:

Pitbull ft. Kesha "Timber"

Raymundo's Song:

Gary Allan "Watching Airplanes"

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