High temps in the 90's, it's gonna be beautiful in the evening, what are we grilling this weekend? My German mother in-law to be is in town, so maybe some brats! What about you?

I'm excited about this weekend. The weather will be amazing; 90's during the day and 60's at night. We can grill, stay up late, drink beer and chill. But what should we grill? My German mother in-law (to be) is in town so maybe we should do some awesome brats on the grill.

Or, maybe there's somewhere here in the Treasure Valley that has some awesome seasoned Carne Asada. Maybe we go the healthy route and do some cedar plank salmon and grilled vegetables, but then again, maybe not.

I did pick up a "beer chicken" maker from a yard sale in Eagle a few weeks back, so that might be different/unique/cool to try. What are you grilling up this weekend?

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