It was 8 years ago that I rented a one-bedroom apartment off Parkcenter Blvd for $670. It was a walk from Albertson's and Axiom Fitness which were located across the street. That was only 8 years ago.

I was just told to rent my own house for $2,500 per month because people are paying. That made me wonder what these prices to rent as we climb the real estate boom. The Addison Apartments just opened on Parkcenter and people are paying over $3,000. So, what do you get for a $3,000 apartment?

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What's In a $3000 a Month Boise Apartment?

Nice. I mean, they better be beautiful when you're paying double a mortgage payment to live there. All that said, The Addison is all-new, gorgeous, and lavishly modern. Choose the higher-end 2 bedroom apartment with Boise River view and you could pay more than $3,000. Does that come with housekeeping?

You almost get disappointed walking in loving it so much. I tried to not like the management team and assistants. It was impossible. Everyone was warm and welcoming all three times I visited. When was the last time your rental office was inviting or warm when you walked in with a question?

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The rooms were good sizes, but the one thing I noticed most was the design. You don't have to love where you live or be friends with that crazy neighbor. You can typically deal with all the craziness if you love the inside and how that vibe makes you feel. You have your own indoor garage to keep snow and ice off your windshields during the amazing winter months. Oh, did I mentioned my old apartment complex had carports and one fell on my jeep during a windstorm? Yea, that happened.

This is my idea of Boise luxury as you walk on your patio watching the Boise River go back. This is also where Bronco fans will walk as they head to those epic gamedays. Not everyone has that view and I'm sure that's where some of that money comes into play.

At the end of the day, you have a prime spot in Boise that's not in the thick of Downtown. You basically walk out your deck onto the Greenbelt, drop a tube in the Boise River and walk over to Albertson's Stadium. It's pretty nice and prices range from $1,500 - $3,000. The highest number of bedrooms is two bedrooms close to 1,000 sq. ft.

75 Looks Inside A $3,000 Apartment In Boise/Kekeluv

I thought this was all high, but it's obvious the market has changed. The Addison is actually middle range in Boise compared to the $6,000 apartments I came across (I'll take you on a tour of those next time). The real question is it worth it? The market says it is well worth it especially with all the amenities and location.

Enjoy the Addison Apartments at 749 East Park Blvd in Boise.

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