Breakfast is typically a favorite meal among Americans. I know I am not the only one who even celebrates it later in the day with a 'Breakfast for Dinner' meal for the family. Also can we talk about Brunch for a second. Yum, a perfect meal in my mind because sometimes I am just not hungry yet when I first wake up, but put off eating for a couple of hours (although not recommended by most dietitians) a filling and delicious brunch with friends (and maybe with a mimosa on the side) is a great way to enjoy a Saturday or Sunday.

So what about Idaho? Do Idahoans have a favorite breakfast dish? Stacker dug into each states Breakfast trends and favorite foods. "From recipes passed down through generations to fusions between European immigrants and Native Americans, from cowboy sustenance to remnants of our Mexican history, breakfast tables across the United States tell a story."

That being said, Idaho's is pretty expected although I wish they would have gotten a little more specific, like Idaho's favorite way to prepare our signature food. According to it's simply potatoes for Idaho. "The potato is one of the great American breakfast staples (home fries or hash, anyone?). Idaho produces 29% of the U.S. potato crop, according to the USDA."

Find out why Goldy's breakfast in Boise was named one of the top spots in the Country.

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