We may posses many powers, but you can only choose one.

For some reason, superpowers have been on my mind lately. I've been channeling Wonder Woman while working out and I've been binging just about any movie or show I can find that features a strong female lead. With spring approaching, I have been feeling super optimistic and I think that's were this super women mindset is coming from.

Oh, and I saw that you would earn yourself $250,000 if you can prove you have a superpower.

That's not a joke. The Los Angeles Center for Inquiry is looking for someone to prove that they have a super power. It's a fairly lengthy application that I believe would have to lead to an in-person interview in which you demonstrate your skill. I mean, I don't personally know anyone who can bend metal with their mind, but who am I to say it doesn't exist.

Then I found a 'super' cute personality quiz on National Geographic Kids. It's eight simple questions that determine what your super power is. The results can be powers like super strength or shape-shifting. I thought it would be fun to fill it out as the state of Idaho.

So here's how I answered each of their multiple choice questions...

1. When you're outside, you like to: Hide and seek

It's a fund and active game that everyone can play.

2. What word best describes you? Easygoing

We just want to live a simple, happy life.

3. Which animal would you most like to be? Dog

I mean, who doesn't love dogs?

4. What's your favorite subject? Art

We live in a beautiful state so how could we not love art too?

5. You're stranded on an island. What do you do to pass the time? Sandcastles

It's a fun and creative way to stay entertained.

6. When you want to ride in style, what's your ideal mode of transportation? Truck

We love something that's a little rugged.

7. What's the coolest thing at the carnival? Giant slide

It reminds us of flying down the slopes at Bogus Basin.

8. Choose a breakfast: Waffle

Much like our beloved potatoes, it's a sweet or savory item that can be eaten at any meal.

Our super hero results: Shape-Shifting

Feel free to take the quiz yourself and share your results with us. Sure, it's for kids, but it's fun. Plus, who doesn't want to feel like a kid again every once in awhile?

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