On my bucket list, is to take my kids to New York City, but it can be such a pain to fly out of Boise. Guaranteed you will be making one stop if not two if you want to get to the east coast, but that could all be changing. Right now out of Boise you can reach ten states without stopping, Washington, Oregon, California, Nevada, Utah, Arizona, Colorado, Texas, Minnesota, and Illinois, but you can't go any farther than that without making a stop.

Boise Airport Marketing Manager Sean Briggs told boisedev.com that as part of the airport's master 20-year plan,

Air service development is a priority and certainly nonstop service to the east coast would be a big win for our community.

Airport officials did recently meet at JetBlue's headquarters to attend the Jumpstart Air Service Development Conference and met with eight different airlines to discuss potential flights out of Boise, so that's a step in the right direction.

Among the flights proposed were Atlanta, Washington D.C., and my favorite New York City, but so far a deal has not been made.

Bottom line, don't hold your breath, but it'll probably happen within the next 20 years!

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