Call it hope for the future or extreme optimism or maybe it’s just sitting at home wishing for things to go back to normal. After just a short time of this adjusted lifestyle I now miss things that used to annoy me. I find myself wishing to be inconvenienced by the person writing a check in front of me in line at the movie theater or the terrible service at department store that I buy my shirts at. I even miss the awkwardness of the locker room at the gym when guys who shouldn’t be as confident in their body walk around with no clothes or towel seemingly not knowing that everyone else is grossed out by them. I miss the way my eyes burn when the pool has no chlorine and I am even willing to sit through commercials during an NHL hockey game and I don’t even like hockey!  

So, what is the first thing you’re going to do when this is all over?  Will you hug your significant other?  Will you buy tickets to a beach in Florida?  For me, I’ll probably buy a car. I know that there are still places to buy a car during this but I’d like to know that my finances are secure before I make a longer term financial commitment. 

I asked on our Facebook page that same question and I was surprised by what people had to say. It wasn’t about selfish purchases for most people. In fact, most people didn’t want to spend money at all. The majority of the responses were about wanting to give a hug to their elderly parents or elderly parents wanting to hug their kids and grandkids. Other people just wanted to see live music again, in person and not on Instagram Live.  Some of my other favorite responses were more about going to their favorite Treasure Valley restaurants. As a new resident, I’m looking forward to even having favorite restaurants!