Some punk is out there costing Idaho pizza joints a lot of money.  This guy sits back, calls pizza restaurants, orders the absolute most and most expensive orders he can, and then never shows up.  Here's who FOX News reported got hit and all on the same day...

The man calling attempted to buy 25 large pizzas every time although Flame and Cork said they could only do 16.  Total loss for each restaurant is somewhere between $300 and $500.

When each restaurant attempted to contact the number back (which was a California number), they couldn't get through or they received weird, cryptic responses.  Flame and Cork actually did receive one response that made sense.  The number texted them back saying, "YOU'VE BEEN DUNKED."

I did stupid stuff as a kid and thought it was pretty funny.  Somehow, I actually grew up a tiny bit and now I see these types of pranks in a whole new light.  These are hard-working small business owners busting their butts trying to just make it in this world.  They provide jobs and they provide a good service for those of us wanting to go grub on some good Italian food.  They don't deserve this.

If anyone has any information on who this 'Pizza Dunker' is please contact authorities immediately.  And if you own or run any type of restaurant, please be aware of suspicious orders at least in the near future.  We don't know who this guy is, we don't know where exactly he's calling from, but we do know that he is targeting Idaho restaurants so be aware.

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