I first met Bobby Bones after he moved from Austin to Nashville, where he first started doing Country radio.  We were about to put his show on our station in Las Vegas and I remember him being humble, unassuming and very polite.  He’s an interesting guy.  For example, he’s never had a drop of alcohol and that probably has something to do with growing up with a parent who struggled with addiction.  He’s become a regular mentor on American Idolhe’s won Dancing with the Stars, and he’s written two best sellers.

He has his own band called The Raging Idiots and he’s responsible for making Chris Janson a star.  You know that song, Buy Me A Boat?  Chris sent it to him and Bobby played it on his show.  Listeners loved it and before you knew it, Chris had a record deal.   

There’s also a certain slogan you may have heard before: Make America Great Again.”  When the Trump campaign started using it, Bobby trademarked it.  The Trump Campaign bought it back from him with a donation to St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital.    

Bobby’s show will give you access to the biggest names in Country music.  The stars of Nashville open up to him and say things on the air that they only tell their closest friends and that’s because Bobby has become one of their closest friends.  He and his friends do a very fun and real show and I think you’ll enjoy listening! 

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