Last year was the deadliest in Idaho's history for flu-related deaths.

Bad news: This year ain't looking good either.

The Center for Disease Control has labeled the state of Idaho as having "widespread seasonal influenza activity." In other words, a LOT of Idahoans have the flu right now. So far in 2017, seven people have died from the flu in the Gem State. The CDC is urging you to get a flu shot if you haven't done so, even if it feels like it's too little too late. It's not, according to Chris Smith from the Idaho Department of Health:

What we're seeing right now is the main strain that we're seeing in our labs that are being sent in by doctors and clinicians is a type called type a and subtype h3 that's the same strain that is being seen all across the United States it's a main strain and it's also one of the strains that is targeted in the current influenza vaccine.

Smith says if you believe you're coming down with the flu, do two things:

  • See your doctor immediately because there's a new anti-viral drug that can help you beat the flu quicker
  • Stay away from school, work, and other social places because the flu can be spread quick and easy


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