A lot of people have been speculating and hoping to see plans for a new Target store to fill the former Gordman's space, but will it really happen?!

Unfortunately not. Despite the public's wishes, Albertson's will use the space for storage to support the companies stores across the country.

According to boisedev.com Albertson's companies also occupies the remainder of space of the former KMart that sat along Apple and Park Center Blvd.

This space combined with the former Gordman's space will all be used for Albertson's storage.

Bottom line, there will not be any cool retailers filling the space.

Just speculating, but the decision may have something to do with the transition of shopping over the last few years as we've seen more and more shopping online instead of physically shopping at the store.

Personally, I miss shopping like we used to and if Target or Costco wants to set up shop closer to me I'd be one happy camper!