We're getting a lot more rain today than expected and temperatures have really been dropping lately overnight.  Does that mean snow tonight in Boise?

The question has to be asked right?  I mean we're getting close and here on Thursday afternoon we're only in the 40's as the rain keeps dropping on the Treasure Valley floors.  So are we going to wake up to a white Boise in the morning?

The answer is probably not.  And it's not because we'll be losing moisture.  The rain should continue through tomorrow but temperatures are staying pretty consistent through the night.  We'll most likely drop down to about 39 degrees but it doesn't look as if it'll get cold enough to snow on us.

According to Weather.com, Boise is not being threatened by any type of snow for at least the next 10 days.  Snowpocalypse 2018 may just have to hold off until... it's actually 2018.

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