We are starting to learn more about the events that lead up to the death of 16-year-old Roberto Gomez of Nampa on September 25, 2018, and now two people are behind bars. 

42-year-old Maribel Menchaca has been arrested on accusations that she stole a gold chain off of Roberto during a fight and just hours before he was shot and killed. Mirabel says she was trying to "back up" her son who was in an argument with the 16-year-old. A teenager has also been arrested in this case, but their name will not be released since they are underage.

Although as of now the arrest of Menchaca and the teenager are separate from the homicide, according to the Idaho Press, police are continuing to investigate to see if there is a connection between the fight and Roberto's death.

Menchaca has admitted to pushing the 16-year-old victim and yanking the chain off his neck.

A close relative of Roberto says that before he died he told them that he had been "screwed over" by another teenage boy and that this young man's uncle, brother, and other relatives had come over to his home and robbed him.

According to Menchaca's own son, he says that his mom hit Roberto in the face with the gold chain she ripped off his neck and that his uncle had punched the 16-year-old in the face. The teen also admitted to taking a gun from Roberto's trailer.

We still do not know a motive behind the shooting and we don't know what started this argument, but Menchaca is behind bars at the Canyon County Jail and she is being held by a $100,000 bond.

She'll be in court on November 15th. We'll keep you posted as this story develops and in the meantime please keep all who knew and loved Roberto Gomez in your thoughts and prayers.