Say what?!! This is something you'd see on television, not here in Boise, right?! Wrong! The humane society has a lot more cats these days after one woman was caught hoarding over 60 of them in her Boise motel room. 

The number started at 59 and grew to 77 cats that this unidentified woman was keeping at an undisclosed Boise motel.

I have a lot of questions here. How did she bring them all in without anyone noticing? How did the smell and the meowing go unnoticed? The biggest question, why? We may never have the answers.

The humane society took the cats in when they were discovered on July 15th and 16th, but the even bigger problem is that several of the cats were pregnant, which is why that number grew from 59 to 77 cats!

According to, the humane society has spent nearly $30,000 caring for the cats. The woman who was hoarding them is ultimately responsible for the cost, but she hasn't paid a penny to date.

Unfortunately, nine of the cats have passed away or been euthanized due to medical issues.

Huge thumbs up to Zamzows who has donated 1600 pounds of cat food to the situation.

If you are interested in contributing to this cause or would like to adopt one of the cats please contact the Idaho Humane Society.



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