33-year-old Menite Millian was supposed to meet friends for a 3 day camping trip but never got there.  And the worst thing is, we have no idea why she died.  A truck ran her over and that's about all we know as of now.


Menite told her niece and nephew that she loved them and would see them in a few days but that reunion will never happen.  A pickup jumped a curb and ran her over at the intersection of Maple Road and Brookview Drive and because she had no I.D., credit cards, or phone on her it took police two days to finally notify her parents.


So where was her purse, her possessions, her phone?  That's what her parents want to know.  If you have any information please contact Crime Stoppers at 208-343-COPS.


She wasn't reported missing because her family had thought she'd already taken off on her camping trip.  Now her parents, family, and loved ones sit with the question, "Why?"


Menite was only 12-years-old when she moved to the Treasure Valley from Haiti.  She went to Meridian Academy and was the type of person who was very much into fitness.  She was an avid body builder and fitness model who walked everywhere she went.  She loved walking.  Never would you think that walking would take part in her leaving this world way too young.


The driver of the truck has not been charged as toxicology tests are pending.  The crash is currently under investigation.  For more details along with pictures of Menite, go to KTVB.

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