These Nampa ladies are definitely on Santa's naughty list.  Pretty sad to stoop to this level.


12 homes in Nampa are missing packages and mail and police are saying these two women are behind it.  18-year-old Hailee Anna Meadows and 41-year-old Tiffany Kay Timberlake have been hauled in by authorities after getting caught red handed by a neighbor of one of the houses they were stealing from.


The two women would drive around Nampa, look for packages on doorsteps, jump out of their white car, snatch the packages and take off.  Luckily the witness got their license plate number and description of the car and women.  A short time later a deputy spotted the vehicle around the same neighborhood, pulled them over and started asking questions.  The women said they were looking for their daughter.  Liars!!


When the deputy asked about all the packages they had in the backseat, the ladies knew they were caught.  The boxes had addresses and shipping labels on them so it was easy to see that they were stolen.  Hundreds of unopened mail was also found in the car... mail that contained bills, letters, a passport, a credit card, and other items.  None of the mail was addressed to Meadows or Timberlake.


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