Over the past week, I've been asking you questions regarding places of interest here in Idaho. You gave me a lot of feedback and lists of locations to visit with my family, and I have narrowed them down to pit one against the other. For example, we have done Idaho City vs. Silver City and Shoshone Falls vs. Thousand Springs. Today's Would You Rather: Idaho Travel Edition is all about the rock. Not the AC/DC, Def Leppard, and Nirvana kind of rock but two places in Idaho that have rock in their name and have rocks to climb or observe. Today we ask, Would You Rather go to Rock City or Balanced Rock?

City of Rocks

Nicholas D./Flickr

City of Rocks may have been what you called the Sunset Strip in Hollywood in the '80s, but it's also a National Reserve and State Park this side of the Utah border. It has over 1,000 rock climbing routes, and you can see the Oregon Trail's less famous cousin, The California Trail, while you're there. If you've ever had a conversation with a rock, you'll understand why it was once called the Silent City of Rocks.

Balanced Rock

Facebook/History of Idaho

Balanced Rock is closer to home and is pretty amazing. To think that a 48 foot tall, 40-ton rock can sit on a pedestal three feet by 17 inches, is incredible. Think of the science in that. We've had earthquakes and rain and snow and heat and nothing can knock it down. It also makes for a fantastic picture spot.

You decide the winner by your comments on Facebook. May the best rock win!